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On 09.02.2004 10:24, Dave Fancella wrote:
> Hmm, forgot to ask,
> Is there a master story for Crimson that I need to know about before creating 
> maps?  Should there be?  I realize there's the story about Nexus vs Kand, but 
> is there more than that?  Is there a world map I should consult before making 
> a map?  I'd be happy to create any/all of this if you want.  It would lay a 
> nice foundation for future maps and do a lot to ensure consistency in each 
> new map made with old maps.

Apart from the stories of the other maps and some mostly obscure ideas
in one head or another, no, we haven't got an official timeline/storyboard.
If you're into writing as well (and the average length of your mails
seems to indicate you're at least not afraid of it ;-) you're very welcome
to contribute the missing 'pieces'. About the only requests I have at this
time is that you take the existing missions and their plots into account
and that the FNA and the Empire are _not_ portrayed as inherently good
and bad, respectively. There should be more than just black and white.