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On Monday 09 February 2004 05:41 pm, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> Apart from the stories of the other maps and some mostly obscure ideas
> in one head or another, no, we haven't got an official timeline/storyboard.
> If you're into writing as well (and the average length of your mails
> seems to indicate you're at least not afraid of it ;-) you're very welcome
> to contribute the missing 'pieces'. About the only requests I have at this
> time is that you take the existing missions and their plots into account
> and that the FNA and the Empire are _not_ portrayed as inherently good
> and bad, respectively. There should be more than just black and white.

Of course!  :)  The way I figure it, the story that's there is enough to make 
the game interesting and to justify why each side is fighting, but one of the 
things that makes a game really interesting is when the story is large, but 
doesn't interfere or force gameplay in any way.  And it's especially 
difficult (especially among younger players) to get someone to play with you 
when they're going to fight over who gets to be the good guys (except me, 
because I usually prefer to play the bad guys).  I'll probably go after 
something like Enemy Mine, just because that's a pretty compelling story.  ;)

I'll take a crack at it sooner or later.  I'm still playing all the maps that 
are there, but I've already beat more than half of them, and at this rate 
I'll be looking for something to do in another week or so (haven't managed to 
talk someone into playing it with me, yet, but I'll take all comers right now 
;) ), and Crimson is a great game that I'd like to participate in.  :)  Still 
early enough that I might be able to make a real difference, but mature 
enough that it's really fun to play already.


> Jens

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