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Re: Background story

On 11.02.2004 03:02, Dave Fancella wrote:
> Here it is:
> The first installment, discussing how Nexus was settled, how they were 
> separated from the rest of mankind, and their history up to the invasion by 
> Kand:
> http://www.davefancella.com/index.php?page=Story+of+Nexus
> Let me know how you like it, what you don't like, etc.  As a rough draft, this 
> is hardly meant to be definitive.  I tried to keep most detail out so we 
> could hammer out the larger history first.  And don't be shy, if this is 
> totally off-base I'll be happy to start over.  Just make sure to tell me 
> where and why it's off-base, so I don't make the same mistakes again.  :)

Ok, here it goes:

> In the year of 2162, Jens Rasmussen piloted a test craft

<g>This looks like a cheap plug. Want to score some extra points?</g>

> While the PRA was off diddling around black holes, the EU discovered
> an intelligent, space-faring race known as the Empire of Kand.
> Making a quick alliance, the EU felt that if war were to break it
> between itself and the PRA they would be in a superior position due
> to their allies of Kand.

This is the only part I'm unsure of. Should we include an alien race
or should the Empire be just another faction from old terra? I don't
know. I hope some of the other listeners do have an opinion on this.
<hint>Yeah, this means YOU.</hint>

> and the Nexussians came to believe

The Nexussians are called Nexians in current missions.

> In the year of 2162, Jens Rasmussen piloted a test craft
> [...]
> In the year 2473, the Island of Tyarin invaded it's nearest neighbor, Kerlo.
> [...]
> Now finally united, the people of Nexus built a new capital city, the
> city of Allantha.  Looking forward to another period of prosperity, they
> once again began looking to the skies, wondering if there were any
> surviving humans left in the galaxy.
> In the year of 2483, the Kandelians arrived.

I believe the numbers need some sorting out. We need to fix either the
mission description in Uprising or rework the timeline a bit.
Uprising says the Kandelians arrive in 2483 F.A., ie. 2483 years after the
foundation of Allantha, which apparently is a completely different
calendar. Right now it seems like adapting Uprising is easier, but I'd
still like to keep a different calendar for Nexus. It really shows how
disconnected they have been, doesn't it?

Other than that, I love it. Great work!
I was thinking about holding off my assessment for a little longer as I
didn't want to stifle any discussion, but as there has been none
to this point... I'd still like to get a few more opinions. Hey, this
is your chance to shape the history of Crimson Fields. Contributing has
never been any easier.