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Re: Background story

On Wednesday 11 February 2004 05:44 pm, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> Ok, here it goes:
> > In the year of 2162, Jens Rasmussen piloted a test craft
> <g>This looks like a cheap plug. Want to score some extra points?</g>

Not trying to score extra points, but I always like it when the developers 
make it into the fictional history.  It's just a personal preference.  I was 
thoroughly entertained that Lord British was a character in the ULtima 
series, and there was always a jester-looking guy somewhere named Richard 
Garriott.  :)

I won't comment on the alien race aspect because I like it, but I'd really 
like to hear from other people what they think of it.  naturally I can't 
write the description of the Kandelians until this small part is settled.  :) 

> > and the Nexussians came to believe
> The Nexussians are called Nexians in current missions.

NO problem to fix.  I actually looked at a couple of missions and missed it.

> > In the year of 2162, Jens Rasmussen piloted a test craft
> > [...]
> > In the year 2473, the Island of Tyarin invaded it's nearest neighbor,
> > Kerlo. [...]
> > Now finally united, the people of Nexus built a new capital city, the
> > city of Allantha.  Looking forward to another period of prosperity, they
> > once again began looking to the skies, wondering if there were any
> > surviving humans left in the galaxy.
> >
> > In the year of 2483, the Kandelians arrived.
> I believe the numbers need some sorting out. We need to fix either the
> mission description in Uprising or rework the timeline a bit.
> Uprising says the Kandelians arrive in 2483 F.A., ie. 2483 years after the
> foundation of Allantha, which apparently is a completely different
> calendar. Right now it seems like adapting Uprising is easier, but I'd
> still like to keep a different calendar for Nexus. It really shows how
> disconnected they have been, doesn't it?

No problem, really.  Since Nexus got split off from the main branch of man, I 
can just move the founding of Allantha to that year and edit what is now the 
foundation of Allantha to be a rebuilding of that great city.  Has more 
romanticism in it that way, I think.  :)


> Other than that, I love it. Great work!
> I was thinking about holding off my assessment for a little longer as I
> didn't want to stifle any discussion, but as there has been none
> to this point... I'd still like to get a few more opinions. Hey, this
> is your chance to shape the history of Crimson Fields. Contributing has
> never been any easier.
> Jens

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