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Re: Background story

Hmm, I left something that i was thinking would be pretty cool.  :)

On Wednesday 11 February 2004 01:46 pm, Dave Fancella wrote:
> competitive with the Kandelian army.  And enough time for the fabled city
> of Allantha to be built, become a huge technological and economic power on
> its own, get sacked a few times, become a legend, and ultimately fade to
> mythical proportions. That way, the discovery of the site of Allantha and

If we drop the idea of rebuilding Allantha, then we can have Allantha's big 
claim to fame being that they're cloners, damn good ones too.  So the Nexians 
want to find Allantha, if it exists, and see if they can use the cloning 
tubes, because that would give them a huge advantage over the Kandelians.  
We'd have to warp a few concepts a bit and allow mature clones to be grown in 
a few weeks/months rather than years.  In any case, it would make for an 
interesting scenario in the middle of a campaign, and if won it might make 
available special cloned commandos or something.  Add some flavor. :)


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