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Re: Background story

On 11.02.2004 14:53, Dave Fancella wrote:
> If we drop the idea of rebuilding Allantha, then we can have Allantha's big 
> claim to fame being that they're cloners, damn good ones too.

Why make this mutually exclusive?

> So the Nexians 
> want to find Allantha, if it exists, and see if they can use the cloning 
> tubes, because that would give them a huge advantage over the Kandelians.  
> We'd have to warp a few concepts a bit and allow mature clones to be grown in 
> a few weeks/months rather than years.  In any case, it would make for an 
> interesting scenario in the middle of a campaign, and if won it might make 
> available special cloned commandos or something.  Add some flavor. :)

That scenario could be used to introduce your "special troopers having
some abilities the standard infantry doesn't have". I smell a plot.