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Re: Crimson Fields 0.3.8 released

On 2004.01.12 04:15, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 06:26:55PM +0100, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> > I just released version 0.3.8.
> I notice I can't click on enemy units anymore. I used to be able to click
> on them to find out what they (e.g., anti-aircraft guns and scouts look
> similar to me) and how experienced they are.

Yeah, right. I should have known better than to include some last
minute changes... Next time. Still, I'd like to get some feedback
on that entire single-click versus double-click issue (which is not
that simple, considering single-click is somewhat broken right now).

Well, suppose single-click worked like this:
If you click a unit and
a) it's one of your own and
b1) there is currently no active unit or
b2) there is an active unit and it can not legally move to the clicked hex
then the unit is made your active unit.

A more restricted version (which is currently my favourite as it
seems to be the least confusing - you know something's wrong if,
before clicking, the player has to take a time-out to ponder the
effects of that click he was going to make) would be to limit
single-click selection to only a) and b1).

And, of course, we have the old double-clicking scheme you know
from release 0.3.7 and earlier as the final contestant.

Which solution do you prefer? Let me know.

> Also, I notice there are still a variety of terrain types, e.g. it
> looks like there are some squares with little steel x's on them that
> my heavy tanks can't move onto but the medium tanks can.

That would be (heavy) tank stoppers ;-)

> How hard would
> it be to let me click (or double click, or middle click, or something)
> on terrain and have it tell me which units can pass, how much it slows
> them down, etc?

Programmatically it's not very difficult. What should the UI for
that look like, though? There can (currently) be up to 32 different
unit types defined in a unit set. Having a page with all of them pop
up would probably be more irritating than helpful. So only show
stats for the currently active unit? Maybe I'd see more clear if
you could come up with a quick mockup of what you think that dialog
should look like.