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Re: Crimson Fields 0.3.8 released

On 2004.01.13 05:08, Uwe Koch wrote:
> > How hard would 
> > it be to let me click (or double click, or middle click, or something) 
> > on terrain and have it tell me which units can pass, how much it slows 
> > them down, etc? 
> From my point of view I don't like double click, middle click or whatever because 
> I do the port to the Zaurus PDA. On this device I already have to 
> add workaround keys for right click. Double click as well isn't supported 
> by a pen device. 
> So if you have to many of these different mouse click versions I have 
> to add the same functionality on th PDA in another way. 
> I think this feature is for desktop users mith mice - not for PDA users. 

Well, look at it this way: This feature is apparently not a must-have.
Otherwise people would have requested it before (and you probably
wouldn't be arguing against it). On the other hand it could be useful
(if done right; I still don't know how that would be). So, even if
it's added it would be possible to simply ignore it for the Zaurus
port without losing any vital information.

I'm somewhat baffled that noone seems to have an opinion regarding
single-click versus double-click unit selection, though...