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Re: compile problems

On 2004.01.18 17:16, Torinthiel wrote:

> Sorry if it's not the correct list to point out compilation problems,
> but it was the only one I could find.

Yeah, I guess it's the best we have ;-)

> Anyway, I've checked out a fresh
> CVS copy of crimson, and tried to compile it. First problem was automake
> not adding correct links to config.guess and config.sub, but I'm
> advanced enough to deal with it ;)

You're not the first one to point out similar problems with automake
creating faulty links. Any ideas what causes these? I'm at a loss.

> Worse however is that compilation bails out on tools/cfed.cpp with
> message indicating missing mission.h (full make output attached later)
> Looking for it I've found two mission.h in the package: in src/cf and
> src/comet. I've tried adding either of them to include search list
> (tools/Makefile.am line 28, AM_CPPFLAGS) and adding src/comet helped
> compiling. I have no idea how the same in cfed_CPPFLAGS line below
> didn't made it to the command line, but it didn't. The line made it to
> Makefile.in, but it was the only place string cfed_CPPFLAGS could be
> found. But this didn't solve the problem as well, this time compiling
> went fine but linking failed with an awful many undefined references.
> Finally I was able to compile it (probably) correct, at least without
> error messages, copying -DDISABLE_SOUND from cfed_CPPFLAGS to
> AM_CPPFLAGS, so I take it it was all caused by the fact cfed_CPPFLAGS
> didn't made it.

If the cfed_CPPFLAGS are missing from the command line, that
certainly explains the compile and link errors.

> I'm using:
> automake 1.6.3

Can you check with a more recent automake? I'm using 1.7.9 myself.
Works for me (TM).

Note that you probably won't have much fun with current CVS anyway,
as it is very much in a state of flux and a few important files
are still missing (ok, if I get kicked hard enough I might manage
to check in a preliminary version to get it working again at least),
but resolving those compile problems before the next release would
be nice either way.