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Re: Man on a mission

On Tuesday 02 January 2007 22:45, Jens Granseuer wrote:
> Happy New Year, everyone.

To you too :)

> I've got a suggestion for your New Year's Resolution:
> * Do more playtesting for new missions

When I was playtesting my map, it occured to me that playtesting would be 
easier if there would exist some sort of "debug mode", with which I could 
look at content of computer's buildings and vehicles, add and destroy units 
at will and so on. Would it be hard to do it?

> For example this one. Since SoR currently has 3 maps, and
> Nikola's is going to be number 5 there's an obvious gap
> that needs filling. Therefore I present
> Map Number 4
> at least a first draft thereof, preliminarily dubbed
> "The Trek", but I want a better name than that. Shout if
> you have one.
> Nikola will probably say it's too easy, but I haven't added
> handicaps, yet, so this is one-for-all. ;-) I'm unsure

I actually am currently hacking CF and can't compile it so I can't open the 
map. From looking it in comet it looks hard. I like the railway tracks.

> whether it might simply be too big for such a low-numbered
> map, but on the other hand, the Battle for the Sarot Plains
> cannot be crammed into a 20x20 map, or can it?

I too am worried about this.

Now, regarding my map. We obviously have different ideas about it. I believe 
that it would be the best if you would implement your ideas into it and 
finish it.