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Re: Man on a mission

On Friday 05 January 2007 12:27, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> > Nikola's is going to be number 5 there's an obvious gap
> > that needs filling. Therefore I present
> >
> > Map Number 4
> >
> > at least a first draft thereof, preliminarily dubbed
> > "The Trek", but I want a better name than that. Shout if
> > you have one.
> >
> > Nikola will probably say it's too easy, but I haven't added
> > handicaps, yet, so this is one-for-all. ;-) I'm unsure
> I actually am currently hacking CF and can't compile it so I can't open the
> map. From looking it in comet it looks hard. I like the railway tracks.

Managed to compile and disable my patch! Hooray! :)

Actually, it is very easy. I won it by both capturing the base and destroying 
all enemy units, and without even touching central and northeastern battle 
groups, and here's a save game to proove it. So, I'd say it's OK for the 4th 

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