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Re: GFX update : website layout

Laurent Chea a écrit :
Hello again,

After some research about what could the ingame menus could be, here is a possible lifting for the website.


This version uses a little bit more css, and still is stretchable to fit screen width.

Very nice,
It's time I replay with crimson

some little things can be better:
On my screen I see under the screenshot
[ See more screenshots ---
(second "]" jump to next line)
rightcol not enough widht for my font, add a little padding to img and center text perhaps a solution, it worked on my screen, but...

And the place for links under the banner are too little in height (sorry for my english), remove command heigh in css for pagelinks and it's better.

For more confort, use fontsize in em instead of px, normal fontsize for body is 1em (it correspond to the choice of the user in his browser), others can be (semi)multiple of.

The menus are good also !

Marie-Claude Collilieux