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Re: GFX update : website layout

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007 21:23:35 +0100, Laurent Chea <contact@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


You'll find on http://eva.krystale.net/index2.php the "beta release" of
the future website.
The introduction text has been changed by Jens, the graphics by myself,
if you have some last suggestions or whatever, don't be shy !

In the case of positive followings, we'll put the new website officially


I've created one new page on the website called Strategy. You can find on this
page what you see when you click on a unit, then "info" : it shows each unit
image and capabilities.

Maybe we could (those who speak english) add some very basic strategy.
The Documentation link will still be valid, as the wiki has a lot more
informations about all the things related to crimson fields.