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Re: GFX update, new try : main window

On 21.03.2007 16:19, Nikola Smolenski wrote:
> I recall that when I was first playing Battle Isle, a major part of game 
> appeal to me was that each couple of levels I would uncover new units with 
> new abilities, and their pictures were a large part of the experience. I 
> liked the mechanical look of both the game interface and the units and am 
> sorry that CF doesn't have it in either - not sure if other people have the 
> same experience.

I can absolutely relate to that. Have an artist in your closet? ;-)

> Related to that, in one of the screenshots on the site 
> ( http://crimson.seul.org/screenshots/screen10.png ), there is image of a 
> tank which is now not in the game - what happened?

What happened is that we got 2 or 3 unit portraits made by someone and
put them into the game. Then someone vanished. A little later someone else
contributed a few other portraits (4, the ones we use now), in a completely
different style. I liked that style better, and it looked like there was a
possibility of getting more of those images, so they replaced the old ones.
Then someone else vanished as well...