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Re: Language detection (was: First ES translation patch and something else)

2009/10/31 Константинов Юра <Yuraconst@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Heh? CF uses QT - just like KDE. So WTF is all the "qt=not x-platform" about? If it's anyhow QT-based/QT-compatible, then it is likely that (at least) the app would work on BSD/NIX/LINUX - and if the programming language is win32-compatible, then only a few tweaks could be needed to compile under Win32. I'm an obsessed gamer, so idk much about NIXes/BSDs. Let me know if the game can be translated to more sl languages by using the font that is here for српски language (the bottom language in the menu). One letter to be put into the "extra letters" is a letter, which in upper-case looks like "bl" - then the game could be translated to more sl languages (including Russian - русский).
> I hope, UbiSoft won't capture the project when reaching 1.0 - that'd be awful. Imagine this: "To download Crimson Fields 1.1.01a you must purchase any 4 UbiSoft products from the web or enter their CD keys." - that'd be shitting dumb. (UbiSoft purchased the Blue Byte Software)...

Just to let you know, CF doesn't use QT, it uses SDL and for that
reason it's able to run in so many platform and architectures. So
please don't make any affirmation if you are not really sure about
what you're talking about.