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Re: [f-cpu] Always problem with SIMD and RC5


cedric wrote:
> I always have a problem with my final test in my RC5 algorithm. I don't find a
> way to know the number of chunk or the current max size of the SIMD
> registers. Perhaps did we need to add two new SR :
>   SR_REGISTER_SIZE_MAX = the maximum size of a register in SIMD mode
This already exists, it's SR_MAX_SIZE

>   SR_REGISTER_CURRENT_SIZE = the current limit.
> (If thing that both a required, because we need to first know in wich state we
> are and then change the value arcoding to the CPU and the algorithm)

if you want to do it "the hard way", take the maximum value
that you find in SR_SIZE_0 to SR_SIZE_3. But by convention, you can decide
to put the maximum size in SR_SIZE_3, which usually corresponds to size=64 bits
when the CPU is limited to 64 bits.

hope this old trick helps,

> A+
>   Cedric
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