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Re: [f-cpu] Always problem with SIMD and RC5

> cedric wrote:
> > I always have a problem with my final test in my RC5 algorithm. I don't
> > find a way to know the number of chunk or the current max size of the
> > SIMD registers. Perhaps did we need to add two new SR :
> >   SR_REGISTER_SIZE_MAX = the maximum size of a register in SIMD mode

> This already exists, it's SR_MAX_SIZE

> >   SR_REGISTER_CURRENT_SIZE = the current limit.
> > (If thing that both a required, because we need to first know in wich
> > state we are and then change the value arcoding to the CPU and the
> > algorithm)

> if you want to do it "the hard way", take the maximum value
> that you find in SR_SIZE_0 to SR_SIZE_3. But by convention, you can decide
> to put the maximum size in SR_SIZE_3, which usually corresponds to size=64
> bits when the CPU is limited to 64 bits.

> hope this old trick helps,
Euh, ok, if you prefer, I want to know if SR_MAX_SIZE div SR_SIZE_Q = Number 
of chunk in a register ? I think yes, but I am not sure.

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