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Re: [f-cpu] new version of fasu


VHDL Simili 1.5 didn't compile fasu.vhdl; it doesn't allow the "&"
operator in "when" clauses. Since you were concatenating constants
anyway, I removed the "&" and it worked.

I use Simili 2.2 and i thought it was VHDL compilant... so i need to be more careful about that
kind of thing...

I also tried ghdl but it died with an internal error during analysis.
I have no idea yet how one can fix that.  Maybe my ghdl is broken.

The simulation runs with Simili 1.5, but reports errors.

can you send me those errors.. I don't have any error message with my version of similli :(:(:(:(
I don't like when sth works with a compiler and doesn't work with another one...

And it
runs forever with the command line version. I added a `Run' signal
that turns off the clock when the driver is finished (just before it
executes "wait"), and now it stops.

I'll attach a patch for the VHDL files. It also creates a Makefile
and the log file from my simulation. To apply it, change to the
directory where fasu.vhdl resides, and run "patch -p1 <file.diff".

ok not problem i've added there fixes.

By the way: It would be a good idea to make the tar file unpack
everything into a directory called `eu_fasu'. And you really should
consider using a ZIP file instead of tar.gz -- that will allow people
like me to remove those (WIN)DOSy carriage-return characters at the
end of every line automatically when they unpack the unit on their
Linux systems.

in fact, i'm under windows (sorry) because i didn't have right here my hard drive where i have a beautifull Debian installed, so i packed the files in tar.gz to send to very one mainly using linux... i will try to convert carriage returns before sending to mailing list
and send it in both zip and tar.gz, so everybody will be happy...

I'm still on the normalization stage and i will work hard next night :D

PS: does any one have a full synthetiser available, here at ISIMA School we have a little licence problem... just when i come with an almost correct version of Fasu :-( :-( :-( :-(


Gaetan !

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