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Re: [f-cpu] new version of fasu


Michael Riepe wrote:

Simili 2.2 should be VHDL compliant. Maybe it wasn't configured for

strict VHDL '93 compliance?

it does !
in fact i only have the choice with "VHDL'87 compatibility mode"... curious...

can you send me those errors.. I don't have any error message with my version of similli :(:(:(:(

They're part of the patch I sent to you.

i meant the error messages from Simili...

I'm still on the normalization stage and i will work hard next night :D

That's probably the hardest part of the adder...

in fact i'm documenting on LOP on the first stages to shorten a little the number of stages (for the moment it will take 7 stages without rounding :-( )...
and also the Two Path Algorithm)...



~~ Gaetan ~~

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