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[f-cpu] Re: There's something going wrong here...

On Tue, Jun 11, 2002 at 08:06:54PM +0200, Michael Riepe wrote:
> I just found out that I have a CVS account on tuxfamily.org and that
> obviously the F-CPU sources are now located there (or shall be, at least).
> Of course nobody told me about it before, as usual.
> What's it gonna be, boys? Homepage and CVS moving *again*? We already
> have *too many* homepages and *too many* source trees scattered all
> over the web - but even ten thousand web sites can't speed up the F-CPU
> development. They may slow it down, however.

We need to reorganize. When someone is interested by  the f-cpu, he has
to go to http://www.f-cpu.org/ , http://www.f-cpu.de/ and 
http://f-cpu.seul.org/ , he has to pick up some informations at
different places, most of theses web sites are not up to date. Just look 
the manual, on f-cpu.org and f-cpu.de, it's the 0.2, on seul, it's 0.2.1
however the last one is 0.2.5.

> Besides that, I still refuse to put my code-in-progress into a remote CVS,
> for reasons I stated several times, long ago - remember my dial-up line?
> I also refuse to work with a site which talks to me in a language I
> don't understand, i.e. everything but english or german.

I've installed daCode on tuxfamily, it remain some bugs and it's not
oficially launched. The site still in beta, we need to test. Of course,
official News will be in english.

> Therefore, I do not support this move. I suggest that you (whoever
> initiated this) concentrate on the design and implementation of the
> F-CPU and tools and stop `collecting' homepages and CVS archives.

I'm the new webmaster, I can update the website alone, like this, you
can continue to work the f-cpu without thinking about the web site. For
CVS, there will only remain tuxfamily and seul for backup and that's


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