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Re: [f-cpu] There's something going wrong here...

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> First, any developpements outside CVS is a nightmare to synchronise. You are
> developped their own versions in your corner and it is a real mess when I try
> to have a complete version. I'm really fed up with downloading big archives
> because people are unable to synchronize their works in a global repositary.
> This project is meant to be developped by a team, so we need a configuration
> software, that is CVS or likes.

I agree. If there were a central CVS-Repository used, I could even better
help and work at F-CPU... But it is a miss, If I need download different
archives and merge it. CVS is a think that does these things in a better
way... And of course, CVS-access is available for all OS-plattforms...

A miss too is the senseless converting between different charsets. And one
manual is enough. But it should be up-to-date, because I can't take the
time to puzzle things to another...

> - english-spoken
> - a main homepage frequently updated (news, manual on-line, etc.)
> - a main CVS repositary for source

I agree, too.

Bye art1
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