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Re: [f-cpu] Communication problem

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> BTW: What do you think about converting the manual from LaTeX to XML?
> That would allow us to transform it to many other formats, including
> LaTeX and (X)HTML. That also means that we can put an up-to-date,

Ouups, you are a potentially buzzword-bingo candidate. There is no need to
change documents from TeX to whatever... Latex can be easily transformed
into PDF, DVI, PS, HTML and so on. And you have a small source wit a clear
syntax. XML is a Buzzword only, and there no needs to use it. 

> automatically generated, online readable copy on the homepage. LaTeX is
> fine for printed documents, but I also need a browsable(!) manual with all
> bells and whistles where I can quickly look things up when I'm developing
> (I still refer to the 0.2 HTML version for that reason). And maybe the
> newbies will have a better start then, too.  Many people I know don't
> like downloading and reading PDFs.

If I know, how, the manual should be updated, I want to do it. In todays
version it is quite difficult to make it browseable, but possible...

Bye Andreas

PS.: Is anywhere working on crossbar?

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