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Re: [f-cpu] Communication problem


Andreas Romeyke wrote:
> Hello,

wow, the manual was first written in LaTeX by Mathias,
then i converted it to HTML (i could generate PS and PDF with HTMLDOC),
then it was again converted into LaTeX by someone else....

looks like what happens to the sites, no ?
> Bye Andreas
> PS.: Is anywhere working on crossbar?

the Xbar is not an execution unit by itself. it can't be designed
until all the scheduling problems are solved. and trust me,
there are a lot of problems.

However, POPCOUNT is still free of maintainer. it's an interesting
little thing to do in VHDL (a tree of adders, using SIMD is straight-forward,
and some features can be added).

POPCOUNT is not reserved for the spooks : it will be used to "compact"
signatures of the BIST engine (Built-In Self Test, a stuff that checks
the chip's integrity). so you can start to design a SIMD popcount tree
and we're done, that's the core of the thing.

I also think that there should be some CRC means somewhere. Not only
it's useful for communication but it's also used by the BIST (it does
a CRC of the compacted signatures of the signals it sends through
the tested units and compares the result with a "clean" signature).

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