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[f-cpu] Communication problem

Hi everybody,

It seems to be a communication problem on the French mailing List.
A lot of people joined this list and they say it is difficult to join the
project because the website is not up-to-date.

Some of these new guys have the time and the knowledge to quickly create a
dynamic website. This is why some of them where working on tuxfamily. The french
team have selected this host, because we know some people in this french 
association. They give us some possibility to have subdomain like seul.f-cpu.org
that can redirect us to f-cpu.seul.org. So when this will be ready we can switch
the f-cpu.org to this site (of course it will be in English). Thus, we will have
a single access point that will redirect to the actual website on an address

After what Paul and Daique were working on two different CVS. One whant to
sync it with gaos and the other create a new one from scratch. But none of them
know what the other is doing. When Yann discovered that, we were making a 
propsition on what to do with seul.org and tuxfamily.org. It appear a consensus
on the french to use seul.org for private account and backup like what it does
at the time beeing and to use tuxfamily when it will be ready for f-cpu.org.

And now the communication problem appears, I wrote a mail, that was not clear
on the french mailing-list and Daique thought this was a decision and not
a proposition. So he started to work before we make a common proposition on
the english mailing-list. I hope I have do it now and I was clear.

But you must know that I only have a stupid modem at 28k and wasn't previously
able to download cvs from f-cpu.gaos.org, because it contains a lot of very big
files. (I didn't have an unlimited connexion, and I think that most of us have
the same problem). So I think that we must take care on what we upload on the

I think that the most important thing we must upload on the CVS is the manual,
but perhaps I am wrong, and we must discuss on this now on this mailing-list.


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