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Re: Rep:Re: [f-cpu] virtually or physically-addressed cache ?


Michael Riepe wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 04, 2002 at 06:14:46AM +0100, Marco Al wrote:
> [...]
> > http://www.ee.umd.edu/~blj/papers/ieeetc50-5.pdf
> > http://www.ee.umd.edu/~blj/papers/computer31-6.pdf
> I'll have a look at those papers anyway :)
> Maybe they trigger something...

the links appears shaded so i have already donwloaded them.
hmm, seems that's all i could ever do ;-)

btw tomorrow is the first day of DATE !
who will attend the exhibition ?
i will be there all days.

>  Michael "Tired" Riepe <Michael.Riepe@stud.uni-hannover.de>
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