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[f-cpu] Erin64 Boot-Load Process

To Yann Guidon's questions.
The Power ON Reset clears all all functions in the SSRAM.
The "Boot Processor" clears the Instruction Memory and Local Memory (Write Zero's) There is NO Software routine.  There is no SOFTWARE to perform this Function.  The Instruction Decoding has NOT started untill a "RUN" is issued to both Processors; an Instruction of zero's is a NOP(No Operation)
    The Erin36 processor performs the Boot Process.  I guess you could call it a State Machine. It accumilates one byte at a time (8 Bytes) from Flash Memory then performs a Write to wherever; then accumulates another 8 Bytes
    The Character Generator is loaded from Flash in same manner as Instruction and Operand Memory (Local Memory).
    The issuing of the "RUN"  is a simple function in Hardware.  Once the Instruction/Operand load is complete
a (counter) the Run FF in the Boot Processor is set.
    The Erin64 IS a General Purpose CPU; TIPS is my operating system.  The F-CPU will require an Operating
System also.  I am not trying to compare the F-CPU with the ERIN64; however; I have a user slot for each Terminal.
I am not familar with virtual memoy; however I can Directly
Address the entire memory with 18 Bits Source and Destination addresses
More questions??????
Dick Hartney