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Re: [f-cpu] more about f-romfs


Ben Franchuk wrote:
> nico wrote:
> > For me, all of the following are much too early. This is system designer
> > problem not ours.
> But what about the F-CPU chip set with all the bla-bla-bla features.:)
come on ;-)
i think that you remember that the goal of f-cpu is not to design a whole
"chipset" and there are already existing suitable designs (even without PCI ;-D)
Those who desire certain features can go to the "OpenCores supermarket"
and hack the code to connect it to F-CPU.

> If the F-cpu was a Microcoded machine I would favor a built in serial
> diagnostic console built in like on some versions of the PDP-11.
mmmm.... no :-)
i already used a serial port on a SHARC DSP kit and it's not the most comfortable
solution. It has even forced me to buy an additional serial port ISA card
because both my serial ports are already used (modem+mouse). And don't want
to use USB either.

> If the prototype FPGA version of the F-CPU uses a small cpu for loading the
> configuration it could also handle bootstrapping the system or at least
> flashing the PROMS.
this can be done with the Flash-resident monitor. otherwise adding yet another CPU
will create problems that i won't want to resolve and that have already
been addressed here...

> Alot can be done off the printer port too. Just remember Keep It Simple.
I can finally agree with you ;-)
// LPT port rocks, and this is consistent with KISS.
And there might even be a simple hack that allows
the core to boot directly off the LPT port with a simple
 - press reset button (or activate the RESET with a LPT wire)
 - type "$ cat boot.img > /dev/lpt"
and that's all (no funky protocol, no host software, no ...)

U like it ? :-)

> Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
WHYGEE (64+ bit CPUs)
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