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Re: [f-cpu] more about f-romfs

Yann Guidon wrote:

> i think that you remember that the goal of f-cpu is not to design a whole
> "chipset" and there are already existing suitable designs (even without PCI ;-D)
> Those who desire certain features can go to the "OpenCores supermarket"
> and hack the code to connect it to F-CPU.

The Fcpu chip set was made in jest. How ever it does look like a chip
is playing a bigger part in computer system design than a few years ago.

> i already used a serial port on a SHARC DSP kit and it's not the most comfortable
> solution. It has even forced me to buy an additional serial port ISA card
> because both my serial ports are already used (modem+mouse). And don't want
> to use USB either.
I needed a second card for a printer port to run the FPGA software for
my prototype board.
> > If the prototype FPGA version of the F-CPU uses a small cpu for loading the
> > configuration it could also handle bootstrapping the system or at least
> > flashing the PROMS.

> > Alot can be done off the printer port too. Just remember Keep It Simple.
> I can finally agree with you ;-)
> // LPT port rocks, and this is consistent with KISS.
> and that's all (no funky protocol, no host software, no ...)
> U like it ? :-)
 One option might be read in 1024 bytes from a 8 bit bootstrap port
after reset to memory and jump to 0. If the interface is kept simple
almost any thing could drive the port,printer, prom, hard disk ,
network. Speed is not a problem because you write to fast memory from a
slow i/o device.
Ben Franchuk - Dawn * 12/24 bit cpu *
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