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Re: [f-cpu] Synthesier hunting

Nicolas Boulay a écrit :

Le Mardi 2 Mars 2004 01:01, gaetan@xeberon.net a écrit :

Isima school have a synthetiser (sysnopsys on solaris) but i don't know
if it is a good one or if it is a recent version...
the only synthesis we made were not very beautifull (80's-like
interface,...). I will try to see what version it is...
do you have a testbench i can run to see what this new server is able to

Try to find the version name (it's a date).

version 2001.08 for sparcOS5

Synthetisers ar quite ugly tools and mostly shell based :)

design_analyser uses an Windows-like interface.

The new version will use Qt !;)




~~ Gaetan ~~

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