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[f-cpu] [Fwd: Research about FSM file format]

Somebody could help ?

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From: "Christian Birchler" <christian.birchler@hsr.ch>
Subject: Research about FSM file format
To: nicolas.boulay@ifrance.com

I just found your name on

We are currentliy resarching about the FSM file format. The format which
is used
by GeoMedia a product from Intergraph saves Symbol information. Now we
seeking after information about these format. If you know something
about these
format I would be very glad if I could ask you some questions.

Thank you, Regards Christian

_  _ ___ ___  Christian Birchler;
| || / __| _ \ HSR Hochschule Rapperswil; Oberseestrasse 10;
| __ \__ \   / CH-8640 Rapperswil; Tel: +41 55 222 41 11;
|_||_|___/_|_\ EMAIL: cbirchle@hsr.ch; WWW: www.hsr.ch
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