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[f-cpu] Re; Letter

Dear Friend,

Warmest greetings in the name of GOD, the most gracious. I pray that he may grant you the wisdom to understand the pathetic story i am about to tell and the courage to offer the much needed support I solicit for in this letter.

I am a mother of two and the wife of late General YOUSSEF EL HADIDI of the defuct Republican Guard of ousted President Saddam Hussein . During the hay days of ex-president Saddam ruler ship in Iraq my late husband was head of secret Army's procurement unit of the Republican Guard. His position and responsibility  availed him with so much power and financial liquidity that he was able to amass substantial amount of money some of which he wisely move to secret custody  out side Iraq. Having foreseen the capitulation of Saddam Hussein government my late husband quietly moved his family (my two kids & I) to Europe and tried to desert the Iraqi Army to join us in Europe, but was caught up with by the dangerous secret security machinery of Saddam. He was brutally murdered on the order of Saddam himself and all our properties and estate including bank account was confiscated by the infamous regime.

Ever since my kids and i have lived in penury until we uncovered through the help of his life -long solicitor some funds he left in safe security custody in London here.
It is for the purpose of entrusting and investing this huge fund with little or no trace to our family that i send you this proposition. The funds in question is $35 Million (Thirty Five Million) and is presently deposited in Trust Company awaiting directives from me as my late husband next of kin to move it.

It is true that I have never known you but I am desperately in need of somebody to trust, it has become a matter of expediency and total surrender to the will of God, the Almighty.
If you do understand my story willing and capable of handling this trusteeship proposition, kindly oblige me by sending your personal and business profile including all contact details for us to move forward without delay. You can reach me directly on my fax +447092041337.

Awaiting your response,
Yours truly,
Jumai Hadidi