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[f-cpu] Re: Testing Hardware

> > > Does anybody have access to a synthesis tool for some
> > > prototyping? Does anybody have access to a FPGA board
> > > for testing?
> > i think that some people here have some means.
> > however, without complete source code, it's almost
> > useless :-(
> Anybody out there? By the way, what is still missing?

Just for your information I do have access to hardware and software needed
to test various units.  The university lab, in which I work, has a nice
little setup with 4 virtex 2000e chips onboard with some SRAM and an
interface to a SUN system.  On the synthesis end I use synplify pro.  

Unfortunately, like YG said, there isn't really anything to test yet.  I
have synthesised the multiplier source code just out of curiousity but
there is no point in testing an incomplete unit.

Maybe once some more VHDL code is released I will synthesis more.

- Josh

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