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Re: [f-cpu] Re: Testing Hardware


>> > > Does anybody have access to a synthesis tool for some
>> > > prototyping? Does anybody have access to a FPGA board
>> > > for testing?
>> > i think that some people here have some means.
>> > however, without complete source code, it's almost
>> > useless :-(
>> Anybody out there? By the way, what is still missing?
>Just for your information I do have access to hardware and software needed
>to test various units.  The university lab, in which I work, has a nice
>little setup with 4 virtex 2000e chips onboard with some SRAM and an
>interface to a SUN system.  On the synthesis end I use synplify pro.  
yummy :-))

>Unfortunately, like YG said, there isn't really anything to test yet.  I
>have synthesised the multiplier source code just out of curiousity but
>there is no point in testing an incomplete unit.
i think that the multiplier is being currently
re-re-re-redesigned... don't worry :-)

>Maybe once some more VHDL code is released I will synthesis more.

can you try with my latest snapshot of the ROP2 unit ?
i am curious about the signal drivers and the clocking
frequency. i'll try to make a testframe for this, if you want
(otherwise look at the testbench to see the way to use the
different parts but it won't synthesise because of the file
parsing stuffs).

Btw, i will start the design of the register set.
Any help welcome !!!

>- Josh

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