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Re: [f-cpu] mCluster


>Hello all.  I see Jeurgen is working on a cluster
> - apparently several or many display terminals.
>  The concept is not new.  Sanders Associates did
> that on the Saturn V system for NASA in 1965.
>  I was a member of that team for several years.
>  Later did the same for Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco.
> Later did the same for Mayo Clinic.  Later did the same
> for GTE Sylvania where I designed the first raster
> scan monitor for the U.S.Navy - later sold to German Navy
>    And now, that is exactly what I will be presenting
> at the Microprocessor Forum Expo 2001 in San Jose.
>  What advantages are there for 128 Users??????

I think that the answer is not what you think. I think that
Juergen wants to design a compact MPP computer
(1m^3 ?), not a cybercafe or NASA control room thing.
The problem is more on resolving lots of parallel equations
and computing large matrices, not on entering/displaying

>Dick Hartney

Read you soon,

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