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[f-cpu] mCluster

Hello all.  I see Jeurgen is working on a cluster - apparently several or many display terminals.  The concept is not new.  Sanders Associates did that on the Saturn V system for NASA in 1965.  I was a member of that team for several years.  Later did the same for Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco.  Later did the same for Mayo Clinic.  Later did the same for GTE Sylvania where I designed the first raster scan monitor for the U.S.Navy - later sold to German Navy.
    And now, that is exactly what I will be presenting at the Microprocessor Forum Expo 2001 in San Jose.  What advantages are there for 128 Users??????
            1.  One power supply NOT 128
            2.  One RTC NOT 128
            3.  In my case - 2 Processors, NOT 128
            4.  KBytes of Programs NOT Mbytes
            5.  One or two Hard Disk Drives, NOT 128
            6.  Several Modems - NOT 128
            7.  One Disk backup (Iomega), NOT 128
            8.  System Integrity - NOT prone to VIRUS Intrusion
            9.  Centralized Data Distribution
            10. Maintainability
            11. No Visable wait for data response.
            12. And list goes on-----
Dick Hartney