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Re : (FC-Devel) Further OCD comments regarding CVS

> Hi everybody,
> I can understand the OCD as an OO layer on top of CVS. All configuration 
> management tools I know have been designed to store flat files. This leads 
> to the well know conflict between traditionnal programming with languages 
> like C and OO programming.

<mad monk mode>
Not from my Shlaer Mellor standpoint.  We use an information model (IM) to
represent our OOA and so we are able to store our objects easily.  There was an
article in Dr Dobbs recently where it was advocated that an IM should be added
to UML.  I'm of the view that the IM is the root diagram and that the class
diagram can be derived from the IM using tags.  This allows the IM to be reused
in different contexts by applying a different set of tags.
</mad monk mode>

Oo, I feel dizzy. :o)

I think we agree that we should store stuff in flat files.  That'll do for now!

> I don't know what you have experienced with OO configuration management but 
> as PVCS user, I can say that the tool is not accurate. The problems rise 
> when it comes to handling different versions of a class for different 
> functionalities or even different software.

Different functionality can be supported by branching the code, although my
experiences say that this should be a last resort.  Namespaces help too.

Another advantage of not tying FreeCASE to CVS is that the user will be free to
choose which CM tool he wants to use.  If you use PVCS then wouldn't you like to
stay with what you are used to?


Chris Moore