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Re: Re : (FC-Devel) Further OCD comments regarding CVS

Hi, Sami, Chris, all! 

>>>>> "SB" == Sami BENGRINE writes:

SB> I think we should not redesign CVS but design a layer able to handle OO
SB> concepts on top a configuration management tool.

Yes, that's what I've implied.

>>>>> "CMM" == Chris Moore  writes:

CMM> I think we agree that we should store stuff in flat files.  That'll do
CMM> for now!

I think, at least for first version, it should be so


CMM> Another advantage of not tying FreeCASE to CVS is that the user will be
CMM> free to choose which CM tool he wants to use.

Yes.  That's why nowhere in OCD you'll find the mention of word 'CVS'

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