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Re : (FC-Devel) Further OCD comments regarding CVS

Hi everybody,

I can understand the OCD as an OO layer on top of CVS. All configuration 
management tools I know have been designed to store flat files. This leads 
to the well know conflict between traditionnal programming with languages 
like C and OO programming.

I don't know what you have experienced with OO configuration management but 
as PVCS user, I can say that the tool is not accurate. The problems rise 
when it comes to handling different versions of a class for different 
functionalities or even different software.

With OO programming, the central abstraction is the class and its interface.
 Systems are assemblied with a subset of available classes. It think that 
the proper configuration management tool (repository) should be organized 
around the central concept. It keeps track of the state of a class for 
different purposes (functionalities) and should be able to keep track of 
what has been built with each version. More difficulties come when you have 
to correct your software after the delivery.

I think we should not redesign CVS but design a layer able to handle OO 
concepts on top a configuration management tool.

FreeCASE project coordinator