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Management status (was: Re: (FC-Devel) License Question Answered)

Howdy folks,

Unfortunately, no one has stepped up and volunteered to take
over.  My personal situation hasn't changed, so I am unable
to resume the task.  We are still looking for someone with
vision and project management skills to step up to the
plate.  If no one wants the overall task, does anyone want
to become the web admin?  Personally I found the job of
cheerleader, negotiator, webadmin, recruiter, and all the
other stuff to be a bit much for one person to do and still
contribute meaningfully to the project.  I would say that
the group really needs:
1) A web admin
2) A discussion moderator
3) An overall design coordinator (project focus, schedule

There does not seem to be a need for further recruitment. 
I'd hate to see this fantastic project dissolve.  Perhaps if
management is divided up, people will volunteer to help. 
Any takers?

Jeff Wolfe

Gale, Paul N. wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Do you know who is now running the FreeCASE project now that you've
> resigned from the position. It seems from the discussion list that it is
> a bit of a free for all. Also, nobody seems to be running the website so
> it is now hopelessly out of date!
> Can you shed some light on what is going on?
> Paul Gale