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Re: Management status (was: Re: (FC-Devel) License Question Answered)

As a web developer, I can handle the web stuff, if no one else
wants that responsibility, but I don't feel qualified to handle anything
that requires much technical expertise in the FreeCASE domain.

Ken LeFebvre
Millennial Concepts Corp.

-----Original Message-----
From: Jeff Wolfe <jwolfe@felgroup.creol.ucf.edu>
To: Freecase Devel <freecase-devel@freecase.seul.org>
Date: Sunday, August 23, 1998 1:17 PM
Subject: Management status (was: Re: (FC-Devel) License Question Answered)

>Howdy folks,
>Unfortunately, no one has stepped up and volunteered to take
>over.  My personal situation hasn't changed, so I am unable
>to resume the task.  We are still looking for someone with
>vision and project management skills to step up to the
>plate.  If no one wants the overall task, does anyone want
>to become the web admin?  Personally I found the job of
>cheerleader, negotiator, webadmin, recruiter, and all the
>other stuff to be a bit much for one person to do and still
>contribute meaningfully to the project.  I would say that
>the group really needs:
>1) A web admin
>2) A discussion moderator
>3) An overall design coordinator (project focus, schedule
>There does not seem to be a need for further recruitment. 
>I'd hate to see this fantastic project dissolve.  Perhaps if
>management is divided up, people will volunteer to help. 
>Any takers?
>Jeff Wolfe
>Gale, Paul N. wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> Do you know who is now running the FreeCASE project now that you've
>> resigned from the position. It seems from the discussion list that it is
>> a bit of a free for all. Also, nobody seems to be running the website so
>> it is now hopelessly out of date!
>> Can you shed some light on what is going on?
>> Paul Gale