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Re: (FC-Devel) core design + project steps

Hi, Duane, all! 

Seems that we've got a common view on the first steps.  So, by the end of
the week, I'll sketch first version of requirements specification.

Technical question: format to be used for documentation?  My suggestion is
to use sgmltools package (DocBook DTD) or TeiTools (TEILite DTD).  The
first one I still have to evaluate, but it seems to be more solid, since is 
used as the base format for Linux HOWTO's.  The later is more familiar to
me, but still has major bugs :(

Suggested specification parts:

- Functional requirements
- Non-functional requirements
  - OS, libraries
  - standarts
  - performance
  - resources
- Glossary: _all_ domain terms should be identified and described in strong 
  hyperlinking fashion.  This will help great later to discover domain

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