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Re: (FC-Devel) core design + project steps

Hi, Andrey! 

>>>>> "AVK" == Andrey V Khavryutchenko writes:

AVK> Technical question: format to be used for documentation?  My
AVK> suggestion is to use sgmltools package (DocBook DTD) or TeiTools
AVK> (TEILite DTD).  The first one I still have to evaluate, but it seems
AVK> to be more solid, since is used as the base format for Linux HOWTO's.
AVK> The later is more familiar to me, but still has major bugs :(

Ouch!  Sorry for bringing wrong info.  Current stable version of sgmltools
is located at http://www.sgmltools.org and still uses old linuxdoc DTD.  

TeiTools is located at http://xtalk.price.ru/SGML/TEITools

SY, Andrey V Khavryutchenko	http://www.kbi.kiev.ua/~akhavr

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