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(FC-Devel) Bazartifacts

Hi all,

This mail is only to let you know I'm still here and very happy
with the current FreeCASE signs of vitality.
My weak spot (random availibility of time) has been temporarily
replaced by an even weaker spot: no time at all.

But that will change to. Eventually. I will let you know.

> "sami.bengrine" wrote:
> The requirements team should post artifacts about the FreeCase
> vision (the mailing list is full of interesting ideas). 

Bazartifact: Story

Try _Storytelling_, let me explain:

Imagine you are using (your vision of) FreeCASE to make life easier
in some specific development task. Describe what you are doing.
Never mind that you are implying some architecture or implementation
details, they will be ironed out later.

These stories lend themselves for prioritization of features and
are good starting points for Usecases. 

Just my two eurocents

BTW: the FreeCASE Glossary was a bazartifact.

I'll be back :-)