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(FC-Devel) Project Web Site and Management

Thanks everybody for the positive attitude with the recent change of coordinator and interesting emails. I know that everybody is impatient to restart the project. That's why I have started working hard on the new FreeCase Web site which will address numerous issues that most of you had mentioned. The web site will reflect our development process/artifacts and will include much more information than now. To get to the first release, I suggest a mix between the pure bazaar style and the well-known object oriented process (iterative and incremental) with four classical phases (analysis, collaborative design, parallel package/components development, delivery), each one with a team leader.  Only team leaders should be responsible of what is going on in their team : organize internal reviews, call for participation, deliver artifacts and so on. The decisions about controversial topics are made and logged by the team leader.
Everybody is tired with the never-ending discussions : each team should now _produce_ as many as possible artifacts until we get to a rendez-vous. We just have to synchronize : why not at the end of january ? The requirements team works closely with the design team which works closely with the development team which works closely with the delivery team. The project team works _for_ everybody. The requirements team should post artifacts about the FreeCase vision (the mailing list is full of interesting ideas). The design team knows that we will certainly start with a classical three layer architecture (GUI, CORE, PERSISTANCE packages). The development team has to make choices about technical issues (multi language development for instance). And so on...
Just feel free to send your comments and proposals.
    Best regards,
    Sami BEN GRINE
    FreeCase Project Coordinator
Suggested structure for the new web site :
---- General Information
* Main page : welcome page
* News : a record of important information
* Getting Started : what is this project about (vision), how to get involved in FreeCase (NEW PEOPLE).
* Mails : a form to subscribe/unsubscribe to the mailing list(s), the mail archive, the message board
---- Project Team
* Organization : explain organization and process
* Schedule : tracking of where we are (iteration) and status of each
phase. Target dates
* Documentation : templates, guidelines, standards (configuration
management, filenaming conventions)
* Tools :  wordprocessor (MS Word is a _very_ bad idea for technical
documentation. Why not LaTeX ?), design until we have the basic version
of Freecase(why no Magic Draw www.nomagic.com)
* we could add support teams here
* we could add FAQ here
* we could add a 'call for participation in that team' page here
---- Analysis Team pages
* Requirements : general requirements (detailed documents should be
added later)
* we could add a 'call for participation in that team' page here
---- Design Team pages
* Architecture : the global architecture (detailed documents should be
added later)
* we could add a 'call for participation in that team' page here
---- Development Team pages
* Guidelines : a document that explains the programming conventions
* Source : acces to CVS
* we could add a 'call for participation in that team' page here
---- Delivery Team pages
* binaries
* user documentation
* we could add a 'call for participation in that team' page here
---- Miscellaneous pages
* Glossary : up to date terms
* People : who is available to contribute to the project
* Credits : special thanks to people who have had outstanding contribution to the project (currently Jeff, Roger and Ken)
* Links : links to interesting resources (www.cetus-links.org, www.omg.org,...)
* Bibliography : recommended readings
* Sponsors : a call for donators (hardware)
* Web Site : information about the FreeCase site
* we could add external interface committee here (I have worked at ISE with Bertrand so it should be quite easy)