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(FC-Devel) New project coordinator

Hi, all
I'm still alive...
Congratulations for Jeff, whose mail announcing the end of  the project,
make it start again.
Congratulations for Sami, for taking over the project.

In my opinion, the project is so large, that few people can have a good
knowledge of each of its components. When the project was sleeping, I
have learn things where my skill was not sufficient.
The FreeCase glossary  had been a good help for me. Thanks to Danny.

About CVS
I have a good experience about configuration management.
I use sscs within a tool I made 8 years ago.
With my tool, the makefile is the center of the system. It is used not
only to compile, but also to get/put files from/in the repository. The
versions of the compiler, OS, libraries, database, etc... are
automatically registered.
CVS has not exactly the same features, but it is well suited for our
project. Better is always possible, but IMHO we don't need better than
CVS now. It'll be possible to do better later.

Use of a Data Base
Sure, PostgreSQL is a good device !  and XML is certainly the best
choice. But this is not enough to make a version control. If we want to
replace CVS with Postgres and CVS, we have to manage another project
which can be called FCVS (with F standing for Future).
I fear a confusion between the repository of the project FreeCASE and
the repository used internally by Freecase.
If version control is not a requirement for the internal repository, the
data base with XML is a very good choice.

I am familiar with Oracle/HPUX and I have planned to get on
What can I do to help the project ?

Pierre Jarillon
Linux : Il y a moins bien mais c'est plus cher