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RE: (FC-Devel) New project coordinator

Andrzej Mazurkiewicz

tel +48-22-6075492, +48-601-130888

Na pohybel Microsoftowi !!!

> About CVS
> I have a good experience about configuration management.
> I use sscs within a tool I made 8 years ago.
> With my tool, the makefile is the center of the system. It is used not
> only to compile, but also to get/put files from/in the repository. The
> versions of the compiler, OS, libraries, database, etc... are
> automatically registered.
> CVS has not exactly the same features, but it is well suited for our
> project. Better is always possible, but IMHO we don't need better than
> CVS now. It'll be possible to do better later.
> Use of a Data Base
> Sure, PostgreSQL is a good device !  and XML is certainly the best
> choice. But this is not enough to make a version control. If we want to
> replace CVS with Postgres and CVS, we have to manage another project
> which can be called FCVS (with F standing for Future).
I agree!

Sorry. It is a misunderstanding! I have not expressed myself clearly enough!
 I have not suggested to substitute a source code control system with a
PostgreSQL! What I wanted to say is that the center of every CASE tool is a
database of objects. Even if the entire object is later stored in a plain
text file while working it is a strict database. My idea was to use
PostgreSQL or any other DBMS as a database of objects used while working
with the CASE (adding class, modifying class attribute etc.).

	Source Code Control System is necessary as well and there is no sens
in designing wheel for the second time i. e. using Postgres for that

	Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!
	Andrzej Mazurkiewicz