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(FC-Devel) New input...


I've just subscribed to the list and after browsing the lists archive I went kinda sad.... Seems like there's not much input... However I know (from my own experience) that building a CASE tool as diverse as a FreeCASE is not something you do in a half a year on your own. :-(

I've been through the (possible) specs of FreeCASE and they are mostly the same as what I have in mind. 

For the last few months I've been toying around with the UML metamodel produced by the UML RTF. I way trying to generate C code from a (slightly modified, like no multiple inheritance) Rose .mdl file (which works pretty well actually). But with my current "code-producing-speed" I won't be able to produce something working before the end of this year.

I hope I made my statement clear.