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Re: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?

> I have been subscribed to this mailing list now for two weeks thninking that
> it would be busy and interesting. But no postings whatsoever have been made
> in that time.

Depressing isn't it.  Maybe we need a recruitment drive.

> Is development of FreeCase still going on or has it
> been cancelled due to lack of interest ?

Well, I can report that I've made little progress since I last reported!  I've
played around with CORBA vectors which are hideouly inefficient compared to STL
vectors.  Looked at the IDL.  Problem is you have to build quite a large chunk
before you can get even a simple small system.  Given that and the fact that I'm
not comfortable with C++..

I've played around with GLADE for building interfaces.  Looks good and easy to
build complex GUIs.  Can even generate code in Ada95 so gets my vote.

Even having doubts about UML.  It just seems too complex.  I'm more enamoured
with Shlaer Mellor as time goes by.  Draw pictures, stick the information in a
database, generate code in desired language (like writting a report).

Chris Moore