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RE: (FC-Devel) What is happening with FreeCase ?

> >> Even having doubts about UML.  It just seems too
> >> complex. I'm more enamoured with Shlaer Mellor as
> >> time goes by.  Draw pictures, stick the information
> >> in a database, generate code in desired language
> >> (like writting a report).
> > 
> > But UML is complete...
> Can you run UML models?  Action semantics were still being 
> worked out last I
> heard.
> > It's model is not simple, but is can easely be used as
> > a superset of (almost) every other modeling language.
> > That's after all what it's ment for :-)
> You are mixing the model and the meta-model.  UML is an 
> instance of the
> meta-model (MOF).  Other modeling languages would be other 
> instances of the
> meta-model, not subsets of UML.

What I was trying to say is that, since UML is some sort of "Merge" of most existing modeling languages, it will probably address most features of those languages in some sort (just gessing :-).
BTW can you give me a link to this Shlaer Mellor thing?