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(FC-Devel) Action semantics (Was: What is happening with FreeCase ?)

Hi Chris, hi all.

>> >Can you run UML models?  
>> >Action semantics were still being worked out last I
>> >heard.
> > My only
> > resource so far is an (non OMG related) paper on this:
> >
> > well-specified actions for UML models
> > http://www.projtech.com/pubs/uml98.html

To me this seems a refinement, a proposed UMLextension 
to make the action semantics platform independent.

The basics are allready there, as I thought had pointed
out a few days ago in

(Nice thread, there)

> I suggest taking the property "active" for that.
> This property, denoted by thick lines around
> the object, means that the object gets a thread of control.

Don't take my word for it. Take a look at




I think the UML as it is, is far to rich to implement
in one blow. So for what we need in a FC-0.0.1-tgz I 
think current UML action semantics are adequate. 

Or am I missing the point here? 
Please explain.

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